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The Future in Washing and Cleaning Solutions for Offset Printing

“SAS Additiv once again takes the lead in technological advancement being the first printing chemical producer worldwide to cease production of cleaning and washing solutions based on traditional solvents for the printing industry.”

From the end of June 2016 SAS Additiv, Ireland will replace 100% solvents with the BiotecS product line and will no longer produce any solvent based cleaning and washing solutions.

In March 2015, SAS Additiv the global trendsetter in the development of environmentally friendly chemicals for the printing industry introduced their new product line BiotecS.

Following the highly successful introduction of BiotecS to the market over one year ago SAS Additiv, Ireland will now only produce solvent free washing and cleaning solutions for the printing industry.

“The BiotecS product line are unlike any conventional solvents..with superior cleaning power this innovative product could eliminate the use of, and replace, all solvent based cleaning products in the printing industry”.

BiotecS are based on the latest Biochemical Technology and produce better cleaning results than products based on traditional solvents.  This environmental friendly range of cleaning and washing solution specifically developed for the printing industry are replacing traditional solvents all over the world.

The products in the BiotecS line include Blanket and Roller Washes, Blanket Rejuvenators, Hard Ink Remover/Ink Stripper and some other special cleaning products for the printing industry all of which are based on the latest Biochemical Technology.

SAS Additiv’s BiotecS do not carry warning, safety or hazard labelling under the CLP regulations because they have no Health, Physical or Environmental Hazards.

BiotecS are an entirely green product and contain no harmful properties.